Pairing Oriental Rugs With Wallpaper

The great thing about oriental rugs is that they can greatly enhance the interior space. These items tend to have intricate patterns and eye-catching colours. They are therefore ideal for making a big impression. Knowing how to decorate with one is a skill worth having. However, if the wrong wallpaper is paired with an oriental rug it can make the room feel overly garish. It is best to choose wall d├ęcor that is understated and classy in its design.

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A Guide To Buying Both

Instead of purchasing these two items separately it is vital that the person looks at both and determines whether they complement each other. They should not have colours or patterns that clash. Instead the rug and wallpaper need to work together to produce a stunning looking interior design. If the buyer is unsure about whether the hues mesh well they should read up on theories regarding colour psychology. In extreme cases of uncertainty it may be easier to hire an interior decorator.