Sourcing Your Oriental Rugs

Suppose you are a keen collector of Oriental rugs but prefer only authentic pieces rather than mass-produced ones. In that case, you may struggle to find a reliable source. Unless you know of a reliable dealer, you may have to use online auction sites. Of course, the drawback with this is that you can’t actually see the rug in person before you buy. This could lead to disappointment if you later discover that it is of inferior quality.

Purchasing Oriental Rugs Abroad

The best source of original, authentic rugs is from the craftspeople themselves, which will, of course, mean travelling abroad. This endeavour requires a certain amount of confidence as you may have to visit towns and villages not usually frequented by tourists. If your lack of confidence is due to concerns about your body image, you may wish to undertake a breast enlargement from Motiva before you embark on your grand adventure.

Ethical Sourcing

One of your concerns when purchasing Oriental rugs may be focused on whether the artisans are paid a fair wage. Typically, rugmaking will be the primary source of income for many households in countries such as Afghanistan. Always try and ensure that enforced child labour is not a part of the process of producing these gorgeous Oriental rugs. You may also prefer that the rugs are eco-friendly and that only natural dyes have been used.

Planning Your Trip

A great deal of advance planning will be required before travelling to purchase your Oriental rugs. Once you have found your source, you need to arrange flights, transport and accommodation. You should also look into any restrictions regarding customs and excise. If you are having your breast enlargement shortly before your trip, you will have to factor in the recovery time. The professional surgeons at Motiva will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about how soon you can travel after the breast enlargement.

Collecting oriental rugs can undoubtedly be a gratifying pastime, and finding new, authentic pieces may require some hard work, but the process is worth it in the end.

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