Choosing an Oriental Rug for Your Space

Oriental is king. That is at least true in the ‘kingdom’ of rugs. These rugs are loved across the world in almost equal measure, despite the fact that some regions or continents may have their own favourites. From the time they came into being, Oriental rugs have come a long way, and while many rug designs come and go, these rugs have stood the test of time, putting to bed any myths and cynicism around them. But how do you choose an Oriental rug for your space? Well, many factors will influence you decision, including the following:

Colour: Interior design is all about colours, and unless you mix or blend them well, your space may not look great at all, no matter how expensive your decor accessories are. Let’s consider green colour, for instance. It is widely regarded as a healing colour. Thus, having a green rug in you space would improve the room stability and help balance the space equilibrium, on top of adding a sense of nourishment. You can reap these benefits by visiting TrendCarpet, an online store with a wide range of botanical-inspired green Oriental rugs, and choosing what suits your interior.

Shape: Do you want a round or rectangular Oriental rug? This will perhaps depend on what you have in your house. For instance, if everything else is rectangular-shaped, you may want to tone that down with a round rug. Or, if you perhaps have a small space and would like it to create a bigger impression, again a round rug would do. Whatever shape of the rug you want to have, TrendCarpet is still a one-stop shop for all preference.

Decorative features: If you want to brighten up things a bit, then you will not want to choose a rug that is too dull. For instance, an Oriental rug with a floral design will be a good choice.

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