Pairing Oriental Rugs With Wallpaper

The great thing about oriental rugs is that they can greatly enhance the interior space. These items tend to have intricate patterns and eye-catching colours. They are therefore ideal for making a big impression. Knowing how to decorate with one is a skill worth having. However, if the wrong wallpaper is paired with an oriental rug it can make the room feel overly garish. It is best to choose wall décor that is understated and classy in its design.

These can be found on the website at reasonable prices. There is a rich catalogue of great looking wallpaper products to choose from. There is even an outlet page if customers want a great deal.

A Guide To Buying Both

Instead of purchasing these two items separately it is vital that the person looks at both and determines whether they complement each other. They should not have colours or patterns that clash. Instead the rug and wallpaper need to work together to produce a stunning looking interior design. If the buyer is unsure about whether the hues mesh well they should read up on theories regarding colour psychology. In extreme cases of uncertainty it may be easier to hire an interior decorator.

Persian Vs. Oriental Rugs

It is common to hear people ask what the difference is between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. To answer this question accurately is to simply describe all Persian rugs to fall under the category of Oriental rugs. However, not all Oriental rugs can be called Persian.

The Persian rugs are inspired by modern-day Iran and other Oriental rugs describe other countries where these rugs are crafted by hand. Rugs that qualify as Persian, are the ones only made in Iran. If a rug is made in other countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and others, then it would fall under the category of Oriental rugs.

Who Should Use an Oriental Rug?

Oriental rugs are very attractive and it may seem ideal for everyone to have in their homes. However, the truth is that these type of rugs are best for those that the designs match their needs. The Oriental rugs are usually very expensive but it is more than just the price that buyers should consider. Before getting an Oriental rug, you must also consider your type of lifestyle. These rugs are designed in either classic or tribal designs and they are usually the first choice for those that find these patterns appealing.

About Oriental Rugs

It is agreed that among the finest quality rugs in the market today, the Oriental rugs are the best you can get for your home. If they are properly cared for, it is a piece that can even be passed down to generations. Oriental rugs are made from quality materials and embrace beautiful art you can walk on.

It is however unfortunate, that finding the authentic oriental rugs can be quite a challenge. There are many fake rugs that buyers end up getting especially those who do not have any prior knowledge about this quality rug. Sellers will push these counterfeit rugs to buyers even though it is illegal because the law is not enforced. If you take a quick look online, you will see a lot of businesses claiming to sell original Oriental rugs but you would be surprised that only a few of them are genuine and offer the authentic oriental rugs.

A Brief History

The original Oriental rugs are very heavy and are usually woven by hand. It is hard to determine how long it would take to weave the whole rug. The oldest oriental rug which was discovered by a Russian archaeologist in Siberia in the 1940s and is traced as far back as the 5th Century BCE.

What You Need To Know About Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are quality rugs you can add to enhance your interior décor at home. They are elegant as well as expensive. These rugs top the list of the best home rugs today.

Professional Oriental Rugs and Village Oriental Rugs

One thing you should know about Oriental rugs is that there are two styles of this rug. The professional styles are inspired by the demand of the market around the world and even locally. The professional oriental rugs are usually designed with warps and wefts made from either cotton or silk while the knot count is much higher than the village Oriental rugs. The Oriental rugs workshops usually weave very carefully and they follow a particular design that is usually drawn on paper and according to all the colour choices indicated in the design drawn. The village Oriental rugs are women at home and most of the designs are already memorized. There is usually a chance for the weavers to express their creativity but the quality of the rugs may be lower because of the absence of quality control measures.

Tips for Determining Authenticity

If you are planning to get a good Oriental rug for your home, there are some ways you can use to know if you are buying an original rug or a replica. Here are some basic things to look out for before you go ahead with your purchase.

Avoid Deals

It is best to avoid going for sales or discounts, especially at furniture stores. You may end up with a replica instead of the original except if you are buying directly from a rug dealer that only sells fine oriental rugs. Most deals or offers are usually too good to be true and will probably be selling a fake rug. It is impossible to get oriental rugs at a cheap price because you only get what you pay for.

Ask Questions

Also, you can ask the rug dealer questions. A genuine rug dealer will know a lot about the product they are selling to you. They should also be able to explain the source of the rugs and who made them. The rug dealers m should also be able to articulate the hallmarks because this is what distinguishes the product as an original product.

Look for reliable resellers

If you plan on getting a pre-owned oriental rug, you should only buy from the reliable resellers or you can get a rug expert to help you buy an authentic oriental rug.

If you plan on purchasing the rug online without seeing it’s quality, you should buy on a condition that you are allowed to inspect it’s authenticity by an expert and can return the rug if it is a replica with a full refund.

Check the Pattern

Look at the pattern of the rug by flipping the carpet over. All Persian and Oriental rugs are hand made patterns that pass from generation to generation. The original Oriental rugs have pattern markings at the back of the rug.

4 Tips For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Adding oriental rugs to a room gives it an exotic look. It doesn’t matter if the room has very few pieces of furniture, it immediately brings life to the room. There is no particular rule when it comes to decorating with oriental rugs. However, if you combine the wrong patterns, it can cause your room to look discordant instead of adding beauty as it was originally meant to.

Here are some decor tips you should consider for your oriental rugs.

Is The Rug The Centre of Attraction?

You can use a small size rug as the focal point of the room and add your décor to other areas around it. You don’t need to look for any rules regarding colour or the size of rug to get. You are free to use any type but if you plan on complementing the decor in the room, you should try a smaller rug.

Consider What You Intend To Focus On

If you are planning on buying an Oriental rug, it is important to know what your room will be focusing on. If the room is still empty or unfurnished, you can get any size of Oriental rug and make it the focus of the room. You can then pick the drapes, furnishings and other accessories that will complement the pattern as well as the colours on the rug.

If you are placing your rug in an already furnished room, then you need to get a rug that will complement the colours of the existing decor in the room.

Using Multiple Rugs in the Living Room

If you are adding décor to a large living room, it may look cold if it is left uncovered. Adding Oriental rugs to the living room is a great idea depending on the other décor in the room. If you use just one very large rug, it may overpower the room.

To make the living room look cozy, you can use multiple rugs. You need to be particular about placing the rugs because placing rugs randomly around the room may give the room a disorganized look. Try to find something in the room that you intend to focus on before deciding where to place the rugs.

Using Multiple Rugs In The Bed Room

Oriental rugs are also great for use in a bedroom. When decorating, you can either use one large rug or use two long rugs. You can place two long rectangular rugs on both sides of the bed and then a runner rug in front of the bed.

Countries that make Oriental Rugs

Do you know the countries that are popular for making oriental rugs? The term Orient usually refers to the East and particularly anything

associated with the Eastern world. Oriental rugs are popular mostly because of their beauty, elegance, and durability. The rugs are traced as far back as the 1800s and most people wonder which countries actually make the best oriental rugs. Here are some of the countries that make the best oriental rugs.

Persia (Iran)

Persia started producing rugs as a necessity instead of trading. They have been producing rugs for much longer than other countries in history. Recently, they have, however, cut back on their production due to political and social chaos. The designs they produce vary from city to city.


India has been making rugs since the 16th century and they are one of the largest exporters of rugs. They are popular for making 9/9 knot count rugs. Their designs are both traditional and modern. They use more coarse wool then Persian rugs. Though it is heavy, they are very durable.


They started weaving rugs almost around the same time with India and are also among the top rug exporters today. They are popular for making great quality high count knots. The Peshawar and Bokhara rugs are the popular rugs made in Pakistan. Most of their rug patterns are traditional.


This country has been weaving oriental rugs for the past forty years. They use designs that are very similar to the Turkish and Caucasian carpets. They have, however, reduced production due to political unrest.


China also produces high quality woven oriental rugs. They were the ones that started with making silk rugs over 4,000 years ago. They now use machines to weave their rugs.