4 Tips For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Adding oriental rugs to a room gives it an exotic look. It doesn’t matter if the room has very few pieces of furniture, it immediately brings life to the room. There is no particular rule when it comes to decorating with oriental rugs. However, if you combine the wrong patterns, it can cause your room to look discordant instead of adding beauty as it was originally meant to.

Here are some decor tips you should consider for your oriental rugs.

Is The Rug The Centre of Attraction?

You can use a small size rug as the focal point of the room and add your décor to other areas around it. You don’t need to look for any rules regarding colour or the size of rug to get. You are free to use any type but if you plan on complementing the decor in the room, you should try a smaller rug.

Consider What You Intend To Focus On

If you are planning on buying an Oriental rug, it is important to know what your room will be focusing on. If the room is still empty or unfurnished, you can get any size of Oriental rug and make it the focus of the room. You can then pick the drapes, furnishings and other accessories that will complement the pattern as well as the colours on the rug.

If you are placing your rug in an already furnished room, then you need to get a rug that will complement the colours of the existing decor in the room.

Using Multiple Rugs in the Living Room

If you are adding décor to a large living room, it may look cold if it is left uncovered. Adding Oriental rugs to the living room is a great idea depending on the other décor in the room. If you use just one very large rug, it may overpower the room.

To make the living room look cozy, you can use multiple rugs. You need to be particular about placing the rugs because placing rugs randomly around the room may give the room a disorganized look. Try to find something in the room that you intend to focus on before deciding where to place the rugs.

Using Multiple Rugs In The Bed Room

Oriental rugs are also great for use in a bedroom. When decorating, you can either use one large rug or use two long rugs. You can place two long rectangular rugs on both sides of the bed and then a runner rug in front of the bed.

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