Guide to Buying Vintage Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are popular because of their unique designs and how long they last. They are however expensive to buy. The option that many people prefer is buying vintage oriental rugs. The challenge always is on how to ensure you are getting quality since you are not able to get reviews and recommendations.

The Guide

  • Flip and check the back: You may not notice repair stitches while looking or touching the rag. It is only when you flip it that you will notice if it has undergone too many repairs. A stitch here and there is not bad. It is big patches that you should worry about.
  • Check for patina: The lovely sheen that is common in vintage oriental rugs is from the lanolin content that is used in making the rags. After years of people stepping on the rag, it forms the shiny surface that makes it unique.
  • Do not ignore the ends: when a rug is getting old, it is the ends that show first. While it is okay for the ends to look a little frayed, you should watch that it is so matted and unkempt that it would unravel as soon as you try cutting the old ends.
  • Listen to it: Take the rag and fold it. If a crackling sound is coming out, it is an indication that the warp and weft have been damaged and the rug will not last long.
  • Check for signs of artificial ageing: There are some people who know the value of vintage oriental rugs. They, therefore, use harsh chemicals to try and make the rug look aged. You will notice from a tinge of chemical smell, or if the fading is uneven and some parts of the rug look raised due to the effect of the chemical interfering with natural material.

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