Countries that make Oriental Rugs

Do you know the countries that are popular for making oriental rugs? The term Orient usually refers to the East and particularly anything

associated with the Eastern world. Oriental rugs are popular mostly because of their beauty, elegance, and durability. The rugs are traced as far back as the 1800s and most people wonder which countries actually make the best oriental rugs. Here are some of the countries that make the best oriental rugs.

Persia (Iran)

Persia started producing rugs as a necessity instead of trading. They have been producing rugs for much longer than other countries in history. Recently, they have, however, cut back on their production due to political and social chaos. The designs they produce vary from city to city.


India has been making rugs since the 16th century and they are one of the largest exporters of rugs. They are popular for making 9/9 knot count rugs. Their designs are both traditional and modern. They use more coarse wool then Persian rugs. Though it is heavy, they are very durable.


They started weaving rugs almost around the same time with India and are also among the top rug exporters today. They are popular for making great quality high count knots. The Peshawar and Bokhara rugs are the popular rugs made in Pakistan. Most of their rug patterns are traditional.


This country has been weaving oriental rugs for the past forty years. They use designs that are very similar to the Turkish and Caucasian carpets. They have, however, reduced production due to political unrest.


China also produces high quality woven oriental rugs. They were the ones that started with making silk rugs over 4,000 years ago. They now use machines to weave their rugs.

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