Where to Buy Oriental Rugs

You can find oriental rugs that cost thousands of dollars and even millions. The expensive Oriental rugs are not the regular rugs that you will find being hanged on shelves at a design store. Oriental rugs are a work of art and can be as long as 300 years old. If you would be investing in an expensive rug like an Oriental rug, you need to buy from sources you can trust.

Low-Risk Oriental Rug Purveyors

You shouldn’t be looking to buy oriental rugs on a budget because you will be at risk of getting a replica rug instead. You can be guaranteed to get an original rug sold by either of these types of merchants.

Oriental Rug Expert

They are more like consultants and they help in brokering deals. Just the way a real estate agent negotiates sales between customers and sellers. These experts will provide their knowledge to help you get authentic oriental rugs. You should ensure that the rug expert you intend to consult is properly qualified and vetted. You can also get a list of the clients they have worked for as references.

Auction Houses

You can also buy oriental rugs at auction houses provided that they can attest to the material and authenticity of the rug.

High-Risk Purveyors

If you still want to buy on a budget but you still need an authentic oriental rug, there are some merchants that will have what you need but you will be taking some risk.

Specialty Rug Stores

You can also get original Oriental rugs at some design stores of home boutiques. These stores usually have Oriental rugs in stock. You will be sure to find original rugs at the best specialty rug stores in your area.

eBay and Craigslist

This is the place you will find the highest risk purchase when it comes to oriental rugs. The truth, however, is that these platforms offer oriental rugs every time for sale. If you are going to buy from sellers online, you need to know exactly what it is you’re looking for and be able to identify the real from the fake rug. You may even come across sellers who may not know the value of what they are selling and are offering at a very cheap price.

Estate Sales

In rich communities, it is not rare to find oriental rugs sold at estates. It is also important to know what you’re looking for if you’re buying from this source. Sometimes you might be lucky to find one but it isn’t advisable searching for estate sales solely for the purpose of buying an Oriental rug.

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