Oriental Rugs and Art

Can oriental rugs be considered as art? There is no doubt that such rugs are exquisitely designed and are made by craftsmen of the highest calibre. The finest quality materials are used, and this style of carpet has been ever-present for centuries. It seems, therefore, that oriental rugs can be perceived as a credible art form in their own right. But what about other forms of artwork?

Posters as Art

Posters have also been around for centuries ever since the advent of commercial printing methods dating back to the 15th century when the original printing press was invented. Before that, wooden block printing had been used for centuries, especially by the Chinese. If you are looking for a wide selection of poster art, then have a look at the Dear Sam website. Many styles of posters are available from music and fashion to art deco and depictions of old master’s art. Modern style posters are also available featuring such subjects as fashion and famous cities throughout the world. What’s more is that Dear Sam also offers an extensive range of frames suitable for posters, prints, wall art and photographs. Whatever needs framing, then this site provides a quality designer frame to exhibit even the finest pieces of wall art.

Framing Your Art

There are many paintings and posters featuring oriental rugs available today and what better way to show off your art than with an elegant, well-designed stylish frame. This would make any work of art appear better. At Dear Sam, frames are available in all sizes and finishes. You can choose a modern metal style frame or the more traditional style of a wooden frame. Whatever type you decide it is sure to be a welcome addition to your home or office. The frames are available in various colours, and it is essential to select one that will enhance your artwork to the full. An elegantly framed poster or print would grace the walls of any home. It will meet the aspirations of even the most discerning homeowner.

Museums have been known to frame small oriental rugs to protect them and show that they can also be used as wall hangings. However, the most traditional way is to support the rugs is by velcro and wooden supports that lets the rug hang naturally. Oriental rugs can therefore be used as conventional rugs or as an ornate wall hanging piece of art. Because of the extensive range of frames featuring a wide selection of colours and materials, you can find a perfect fit for any wall art at Dear Sam.


There is no doubt that oriental rugs, designer posters and photographs deserve a place in any home. A careful choice of frame can complement your art with style and elegance. Dear Sam offers the perfect choice to meet your requirements, and so enhance your home or workplace.

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