Why Oriental Rugs Are Expensive

If you want to buy oriental rugs, you should be comfortable with the idea that they are likely to be more expensive than other regular rugs. When you understand the value of oriental rugs, you start appreciating the prices and lower the chances of buying a fake. Some of the reasons why your oriental rug might have a higher price point include the following.

Age of the Rug

If you are looking to buy vintage oriental rugs, you should expect to part with much more money. The reason is that a rug that was made several centuries ago is considered to be more valued both historically and culturally. They possess a uniqueness that mass-produced rugs do not have.

Density of the Knot

The reason why Persian carpets and other popularly bought rugs appeal to a more significant population is because of their knot density. The higher the knot density, the better the quality. Oriental rugs generally have a higher knot density, and that is why they are likely to be passed from one generation to another.

Technique Used

Oriental rugs stand out because they use a dedicated team of crafters to hand-make them. A lot of time and energy goes into making one rug, and it can take several days before a rug is complete. For extremely huge rugs, several people come together to sew them. When paired up with a classy TV unit, oriental rugs can lighten up the living room. If you are ordering online, you should ensure that you are buying from a legitimate vendor to avoid getting scammed by fake sellers.

Quality of Fibre

Materials such as natural wool tend to be more expensive rather than if artificial materials are used. Oriental rugs tend to use natural fibres, hence the high price associated with them.

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