Persian Vs. Oriental Rugs

It is common to hear people ask what the difference is between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. To answer this question accurately is to simply describe all Persian rugs to fall under the category of Oriental rugs. However, not all Oriental rugs can be called Persian.

The Persian rugs are inspired by modern-day Iran and other Oriental rugs describe other countries where these rugs are crafted by hand. Rugs that qualify as Persian, are the ones only made in Iran. If a rug is made in other countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and others, then it would fall under the category of Oriental rugs.

Who Should Use an Oriental Rug?

Oriental rugs are very attractive and it may seem ideal for everyone to have in their homes. However, the truth is that these type of rugs are best for those that the designs match their needs. The Oriental rugs are usually very expensive but it is more than just the price that buyers should consider. Before getting an Oriental rug, you must also consider your type of lifestyle. These rugs are designed in either classic or tribal designs and they are usually the first choice for those that find these patterns appealing.

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