5 Reasons Why People Buy Oriental Rug

There are many reasons a lot of people prefer to buy oriental rugs. These rugs are designed with very beautiful patterns and colours that make them desirable by people. People also like these rugs because they are handwoven and unlike modern sewn rugs, they last much longer. The value of Oriental rugs increases with time and they can be passed on through generations.

If you are considering getting a rug but are still deciding whether it is worth investing in, here are five reasons that will help you decide quickly on getting an Oriental rug.

They Are Stylish and Original

Oriental rugs are a unique work of art which you can always have in your home and will never be out of style. In Iran, where these rugs are woven, most people do not learn it from schools but instead, the craft is passed down to generations. Every village is able to identify with their own unique style of weaving which is done by hand. You hardly find two rugs looking alike.

They Are Versatile

You will find oriental rugs in any size that you desire. You also have a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. The beauty about these rugs is that no matter the size of your room, there is always a size that will fit your room. Also, most of the patterns are also able to complement your home decor.

Maintenance Isn’t Difficult

It is fairly simple to care for oriental rugs. It just requires that you do a light vacuuming regularly to remove the debris and dust that are trapped in the fibre of the rug to prevent damage. If you employ a professional to clean at least once every year, your rug will continue to look clean and beautiful.

They Are Durable

Another benefit of having this rug is that you can use oriental rugs for a lifetime. These quality rugs can be passed down to the next generation and will still look as new if cared for properly. The materials used to make this rug are quality, tough, flexible and will last long.

They Are Worth The Investment

Even though oriental rugs are expensive, you can be guaranteed that they are every bit worth the investment you put on it. The value of this work of art increases as it ages, unlike other possessions that lose their value over time. This rugs just require care and you will see it’s value.

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