Care and Maintenance of Oriental Rugs

If you own an Oriental rug, you will need to give it special maintenance and care so it can last a long time. If you care for your rug properly, it can stay for centuries but with improper care, oriental rugs will last just for a few years.

Here are some ways you can care for your silk rug.

Move Your Furniture

We are able to move around the house according to the way we place our furniture. Over time when you continue to walk over the same part of your rug, it would begin to wear. It is best to move your furniture regularly so that you can always change the path you move throughout the house.

Avoid Sunlight

Oriental rugs will continue to fade with time if it is continuously exposed to sunlight. You should place your rugs in areas where it would be away from direct sunlight.

Straighten Fringes Immediately

Any time you notice that the fringes are tangled, don’t just brush or comb it straight. You need to take time to flip over the rug and the fringes will fall in place.

Vacuum Once a Week

Vacuuming helps keep the dirt and dust off your rug. As you use the rug, over time, it begins t trap in debris and dust between the fibres. You should use a quality vacuum cleaner to extract the grains off the rug and especially the areas around the fringes.

Here are a few other things you should know about caring for your oriental rug.

  • Use distilled water to clean any spills on your rug immediately and do not use a carpet cleaner but instead dab with paper towels.
  • Dry your rug immediately you notice it is wet.
  • Protect your rug from bugs because bugs are usually attracted to silk and can damage it.
  • Use a carpet pad to cushion your rug so it doesn’t wear out.
  • Have a professional oriental rug cleaner clean your rug every year.

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