5 Reasons Why People Buy Oriental Rug

There are many reasons a lot of people prefer to buy oriental rugs. These rugs are designed with very beautiful patterns and colours that make them desirable by people. People also like these rugs because they are handwoven and unlike modern sewn rugs, they last much longer. The value of Oriental rugs increases with time and they can be passed on through generations.

If you are considering getting a rug but are still deciding whether it is worth investing in, here are five reasons that will help you decide quickly on getting an Oriental rug.

They Are Stylish and Original

Oriental rugs are a unique work of art which you can always have in your home and will never be out of style. In Iran, where these rugs are woven, most people do not learn it from schools but instead, the craft is passed down to generations. Every village is able to identify with their own unique style of weaving which is done by hand. You hardly find two rugs looking alike.

They Are Versatile

You will find oriental rugs in any size that you desire. You also have a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. The beauty about these rugs is that no matter the size of your room, there is always a size that will fit your room. Also, most of the patterns are also able to complement your home decor.

Maintenance Isn’t Difficult

It is fairly simple to care for oriental rugs. It just requires that you do a light vacuuming regularly to remove the debris and dust that are trapped in the fibre of the rug to prevent damage. If you employ a professional to clean at least once every year, your rug will continue to look clean and beautiful.

They Are Durable

Another benefit of having this rug is that you can use oriental rugs for a lifetime. These quality rugs can be passed down to the next generation and will still look as new if cared for properly. The materials used to make this rug are quality, tough, flexible and will last long.

They Are Worth The Investment

Even though oriental rugs are expensive, you can be guaranteed that they are every bit worth the investment you put on it. The value of this work of art increases as it ages, unlike other possessions that lose their value over time. This rugs just require care and you will see it’s value.

Persian Vs. Oriental Rugs

It is common to hear people ask what the difference is between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. To answer this question accurately is to simply describe all Persian rugs to fall under the category of Oriental rugs. However, not all Oriental rugs can be called Persian.

The Persian rugs are inspired by modern-day Iran and other Oriental rugs describe other countries where these rugs are crafted by hand. Rugs that qualify as Persian, are the ones only made in Iran. If a rug is made in other countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and others, then it would fall under the category of Oriental rugs.

Who Should Use an Oriental Rug?

Oriental rugs are very attractive and it may seem ideal for everyone to have in their homes. However, the truth is that these type of rugs are best for those that the designs match their needs. The Oriental rugs are usually very expensive but it is more than just the price that buyers should consider. Before getting an Oriental rug, you must also consider your type of lifestyle. These rugs are designed in either classic or tribal designs and they are usually the first choice for those that find these patterns appealing.

Dyes Used in Oriental Rugs

People who make oriental rugs either use synthetic or natural dyes. The synthetic dyes used in these rugs are made from chemicals while the natural dyes are extracted from plants, insects, and minerals.

Synthetic Dyes

The idea of synthetic dyes for rugs started around the mid-1850s and this method was discovered accidentally by William Perkin. The synthetic dyes were first produced from coal tar and were initially called aniline dyes. The Germans later developed another type of synthetic dye which is known to be Azo dyes.

These early dyes were always fading out until the 20th century when the chrome mordant synthetic dyes were introduced. This type of dye has basically replaced natural dyes but recently consumers now prefer the natural dyes over the synthetic dyes.

Natural Dyes

The natural dyes for oriental rugs are usually referred to as vegetal dyes and they have been used over centuries. The natural dyes have different variations and they are derived from the parts of plants including the stems, leaves, flowers, fruits as well as the roots to give different colour schemes. The appearance is usually very distinct and is one of the unique features of the handmade rugs.

How To Distinguish Between The Natural Dyes and Synthetic Dyes Used in Oriental Rugs

The question to bear in mind is how the dye penetrates the fibre? Synthetic dyes are usually synthesized under controlled conditions and they will penetrate the fibres evenly with the colour and you even get a deep shade. The natural dyes, on the other hand, are made in the course of time by nature and they have very distinct variations when it comes to the penetration and depth.

Whenever synthetic dyes are exposed to light and constant use, they quickly fade while natural dyes will become softer and their colours become mellow.

When a synthetic dye has faded, the colour it will produce will be entirely different from what it was initially. Natural dyes, however, will not appear different. The colour will still remain but will just be fading out gradually.

You can be able to access the amount of fading when you fold the rug and check the base of the knot. If the rug has a natural dye, you will notice the uniform pattern starting from the tip of the knot down to its base. The synthetic dye will show a very obvious colour change around the tips of the tufts.

Where to Buy Oriental Rugs

You can find oriental rugs that cost thousands of dollars and even millions. The expensive Oriental rugs are not the regular rugs that you will find being hanged on shelves at a design store. Oriental rugs are a work of art and can be as long as 300 years old. If you would be investing in an expensive rug like an Oriental rug, you need to buy from sources you can trust.

Low-Risk Oriental Rug Purveyors

You shouldn’t be looking to buy oriental rugs on a budget because you will be at risk of getting a replica rug instead. You can be guaranteed to get an original rug sold by either of these types of merchants.

Oriental Rug Expert

They are more like consultants and they help in brokering deals. Just the way a real estate agent negotiates sales between customers and sellers. These experts will provide their knowledge to help you get authentic oriental rugs. You should ensure that the rug expert you intend to consult is properly qualified and vetted. You can also get a list of the clients they have worked for as references.

Auction Houses

You can also buy oriental rugs at auction houses provided that they can attest to the material and authenticity of the rug.

High-Risk Purveyors

If you still want to buy on a budget but you still need an authentic oriental rug, there are some merchants that will have what you need but you will be taking some risk.

Specialty Rug Stores

You can also get original Oriental rugs at some design stores of home boutiques. These stores usually have Oriental rugs in stock. You will be sure to find original rugs at the best specialty rug stores in your area.

eBay and Craigslist

This is the place you will find the highest risk purchase when it comes to oriental rugs. The truth, however, is that these platforms offer oriental rugs every time for sale. If you are going to buy from sellers online, you need to know exactly what it is you’re looking for and be able to identify the real from the fake rug. You may even come across sellers who may not know the value of what they are selling and are offering at a very cheap price.

Estate Sales

In rich communities, it is not rare to find oriental rugs sold at estates. It is also important to know what you’re looking for if you’re buying from this source. Sometimes you might be lucky to find one but it isn’t advisable searching for estate sales solely for the purpose of buying an Oriental rug.

Key Indicators and Quality Hallmarks in Oriental Rugs

The two materials used to make oriental rugs are wool and silk. The rugs made from wool are not as treasured as those made from silk but they last longer.

The popular replica oriental rugs in the market today are made from artificial silk. The artificial silk is made by dissolving cellulose inside a thick yellow substance known as viscose. The viscose is then passed through a chemical bath through tiny holes to make long filaments and then it is wound into a thread. The artificial silk rugs do not last because of the quality of the fabric and it quickly loses its luster shine fast. The material is not as durable as wool.

Look at the Rug Closely

Before you buy an Oriental rug, look closely at its weaving. The weaving should be tight. It should have more than 200 knots per square meter. You can even find some with up to 500 knots or more. The weaving must be particularly detailed, closely clipped and it must be made with an authentic silk fringe which is meant as an extension of the rug design. It shouldn’t be seen on the rug or at the end of the rug. You will notice that the artificial silk oriental rugs usually come with medium weaves which are normally less than 250 knots per square inches and there are also some that come with even less than 150 knots per square inch. These replica rugs have cotton fringes but you know the original when you see a silk rug with real silk fringe.

How to Field Test an Oriental Rug

These are the three tests you can use to distinguish a fake from a real Oriental rug. These tests will require you to damage part of the rug. You will need to seek the permission of the seller before you can take any of the tests. You should only test rugs you know you are going to buy eventually if it is authentic. Sellers that know they have an authentic product will not refuse and will have to fear to accommodate your requests. If the seller refuses, then there is a possible chance that they have something to hide.

Rub it

If you rub the pile of silk on your palm, you can tell if it is real silk or artificial. The original Oriental rugs feel warm while artificial silk will be cool on the hands.

Burn Test

You can pull off a small piece of the fringe for the burning test. If the ash produced is smooth and it smells like burning paper, then it is artificial silk. Oriental rugs will have flaky black ash and smell like burning hair.

Dissolve It

By mixing copper sulfate with glycerine and caustic soda until you get a clear liquid, you can dissolve the piece of silk in the solution. Natural silk will dissolve real silk but if other materials like cotton, rayon or nylon are inserted, nothing will happen

The Basics of Oriental Rugs

Floor coverings are essential for each room of a home, or business for that matter. While there are many types to choose from, one of the most exquisite is an oriental rug.

Decorating with Oriental Rugs

These types of rugs can serve several purposes. One of the most common reasons they are used is to enhance the décor of any room. They are an excellent choice for the living area, and they can become the focal point of that room. The rest of the furniture can be in other colours, and a great addition would be a neutral coloured ikea ektorp sofa cover, which would be enhanced by the bright colours that can be found in many of the oriental rugs.

Taking Care of Oriental Rugs

Anyone who is going to invest in oriental rugs needs to have a good understanding of how to care for them. If they study this and apply what they learn, then these types of floor coverings will last for many years.

The History of Oriental Rugs

Most people enjoy the vibrant colours of these types of rugs. They know that an authentic rug of a particular period has been made with great care. What a lot of people don’t know is the history behind them, which is quite intriguing. By taking the time to learn this, it can help when an individual goes to buy one of these rugs.

Handmade and Machine Made Rugs

For those who genuinely want to buy a handmade oriental rug, there are some things that they need to look for. The handmade rug should be comprised of hand-knotting. During the process of making these rugs, different tools are used. One is a loom which is designed for this type of rug crafting. The size will depend on the measurement of the finished rug. When it comes to the knots, there are different components to them, and these should be studied carefully by the individual who is thinking of buying a rug.

Using Oriental Rugs as Tapestries

While oriental rugs make unusual floor coverings, they can also be used as beautiful forms of art which can be hung on the wall. When doing this, there is a particular way to go about it, so the rug is not damaged at all. It is recommended that the rug be hung on a rod that has been slid through its casing.

No matter what one wants to do with their oriental rug, they should take the time to shop for them carefully. The internet is one resource where they can be bought, as well as many online stores specialising in carpets, which will often have a selection of rugs.

About Oriental Rugs

It is agreed that among the finest quality rugs in the market today, the Oriental rugs are the best you can get for your home. If they are properly cared for, it is a piece that can even be passed down to generations. Oriental rugs are made from quality materials and embrace beautiful art you can walk on.

It is however unfortunate, that finding the authentic oriental rugs can be quite a challenge. There are many fake rugs that buyers end up getting especially those who do not have any prior knowledge about this quality rug. Sellers will push these counterfeit rugs to buyers even though it is illegal because the law is not enforced. If you take a quick look online, you will see a lot of businesses claiming to sell original Oriental rugs but you would be surprised that only a few of them are genuine and offer the authentic oriental rugs.

A Brief History

The original Oriental rugs are very heavy and are usually woven by hand. It is hard to determine how long it would take to weave the whole rug. The oldest oriental rug which was discovered by a Russian archaeologist in Siberia in the 1940s and is traced as far back as the 5th Century BCE.

Has Technology Affected the Oriental Rugs?

The question is sometimes asked as to whether modern technology has had any effect on oriental rugs. This is a valid question when we take a look at some of the ways in which technology has a profound effect in many different areas. Modern technology has bettered the lives of many when it comes to health. Today people can have better access to health care through different resources like livi the medical app or through telemedicine. Then there is the technology that has had a huge impact on communications.

The production of oriental rugs is considered to be a low tech industry which means it is not as likely to be influenced by modern-day technology. Although in some ways the making of these rugs has been affected.

What Has Affected the Oriental Rug Making?

In a limited way, technology has affected the oriental rug making. Some of the ways are:

Information Technology

Now the rug makers have access to resources such as access to photographs of other rugs that have been made. They have more access to books and trade magazines, as well as catalogues that are filled with colour plates. All of this information can be used by the rug makers for their own inspirations.

Transportation Technology

Rug makers can now travel more efficiently to source their materials and supervise the production. Not only is the modern-day travel more efficient, it is more cost-efficient. This has had an indirect effect on the oriental rug industry.

Communication Technology

Another area of technology that has had some effect on the oriental rug making is the way that rug makers can communicate with importers. Simply sending a fax or using a cell phone has speeded up the way that those in the market of selling these rugs can communicate much quicker with their suppliers.


In some ways, modern technology has helped with the creation of oriental rug knock offs. These are the rugs that are being promoted as authentic oriental rugs when in facr they are not. There are some tell tale signs that can help to distinguish between those which are true oriental rugs and those which are not such as:

  • If the fringe has been sewn onto the edges of the rug then it is a fake.
  • If the edges look like they have been sewn with a machine, then the rug is not an authentic oriental rug
  • The knots on an oriental rug are not the exact same in size, in a fake one they are.

Although modern technology has some effect on the oriental rug industry, the majority of those technologies other than the knock-offs have not had any adverse effects on these amazing hand made items.

What You Need To Know About Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are quality rugs you can add to enhance your interior décor at home. They are elegant as well as expensive. These rugs top the list of the best home rugs today.

Professional Oriental Rugs and Village Oriental Rugs

One thing you should know about Oriental rugs is that there are two styles of this rug. The professional styles are inspired by the demand of the market around the world and even locally. The professional oriental rugs are usually designed with warps and wefts made from either cotton or silk while the knot count is much higher than the village Oriental rugs. The Oriental rugs workshops usually weave very carefully and they follow a particular design that is usually drawn on paper and according to all the colour choices indicated in the design drawn. The village Oriental rugs are women at home and most of the designs are already memorized. There is usually a chance for the weavers to express their creativity but the quality of the rugs may be lower because of the absence of quality control measures.

Tips for Determining Authenticity

If you are planning to get a good Oriental rug for your home, there are some ways you can use to know if you are buying an original rug or a replica. Here are some basic things to look out for before you go ahead with your purchase.

Avoid Deals

It is best to avoid going for sales or discounts, especially at furniture stores. You may end up with a replica instead of the original except if you are buying directly from a rug dealer that only sells fine oriental rugs. Most deals or offers are usually too good to be true and will probably be selling a fake rug. It is impossible to get oriental rugs at a cheap price because you only get what you pay for.

Ask Questions

Also, you can ask the rug dealer questions. A genuine rug dealer will know a lot about the product they are selling to you. They should also be able to explain the source of the rugs and who made them. The rug dealers m should also be able to articulate the hallmarks because this is what distinguishes the product as an original product.

Look for reliable resellers

If you plan on getting a pre-owned oriental rug, you should only buy from the reliable resellers or you can get a rug expert to help you buy an authentic oriental rug.

If you plan on purchasing the rug online without seeing it’s quality, you should buy on a condition that you are allowed to inspect it’s authenticity by an expert and can return the rug if it is a replica with a full refund.

Check the Pattern

Look at the pattern of the rug by flipping the carpet over. All Persian and Oriental rugs are hand made patterns that pass from generation to generation. The original Oriental rugs have pattern markings at the back of the rug.