Tips for Buying the Perfect Oriental Rugs

Every city has its unique handcrafted methods of making memorable souvenirs. However, weaving the perfect Oriental rug is the definitive prize. Rug buyers are easily overwhelmed when it comes to picking the right mats. With the wide range of rugs available and numerous fascinating patterns, it’s no secret that visitors can also be overwhelmed. Luckily, this post covers them with tips for finding the right oriental rugs.

Knot Counts

Traditional oriental rugs are hand-woven, and you can easily count the knots. Quality rugs have over one hundred and fifty knots in every area of one square inch. Consider flipping the carpet and from the underside, check the knots.

Rug Material

Oriental rugs are made of wool and slick or blended with both materials. Mats that are pure silk are fine and have a shiny finish. AS you beautify your floors with oriental rugs, you can use wallpaper for walls to decorate the walls. Nonetheless, most rugs are made of wool, and the quality relies on the breed of the sheep, shearing time, pasturage, and climate.


Traditional oriental rugs are colored with natural dyes. Therefore, when you are choosing the right rug, consider colors from nature. For instance, the yellow color comes from pomegranate rind, while red should be from cochineal insects.

You can realize the difference between synthetic and natural dye through penetration. Synthetic dyes evenly penetrate the fiber, whereas the natural dyes coat the rug surface.


Oriental rugs are expensive due to their high quality. However, the price range varies from different shops. Hence set your budget and look for the mats that will fit into your financial plan. Rugs with many knots are expensive to buy, and thus if you want the best, you have to meet the buying price.

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